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Yup, even after a few months, this art feels like a step backward. I don't want to do that Annoying Artist Friend Thing where I can't just let you enjoy anything without pointing out all the flaws; I'm just noting at how different these characters look and feel in this page, which I drew back in April, compared to, say, this page, which I drew in late September, or this one, drawn just a few weeks ago. Not so much a self-criticism as an observation of progress. Around page five or so you'll see the art start to catch up to where I am now.

But WHO CARES right?! Ship it! HTMLOSPHERE continues next week!

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I've done a little maintenance on this here website. The navigation links have been expanded so it's a little easier to move around the site. And despite my love/hate relationship with the world's largest social network, I've given in and created an official Neat Hobby Facebook page. TBH I hate the way Facebook hides the majority of updates from pages you're following. I think it's unfair to you, the reader, and me, the artist guy. So by all means, please "like" Neat Hobby on Facebook, and remember to check this website from time to time to make sure Facebook isn't neglecting to show you everything.

And pretty soon you'll be able to get Neat Hobby updates by email! Once I settle on an email provider that doesn't spam or suck.

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