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Privacy Policy

Updated January 3 2018


The Neat Hobby! website does not collect personally-identifying information from visitors browsing the site.

What We Do Collect

The Neat Hobby! website uses the Google Analytics service to analyze traffic to the site. This is used for things like troubleshooting technical problems and providing a better experience to readers. This is non-personally identifiable information and may be shared on a limited basis with service providers. It might also be shared with third parties for reporting website usage or to comply with the law if needed.

Neat Hobby! does not sell, rent or share this information for marketing purposes.

Email Subscriptions

Neat Hobby! offers an email subscription service via TinyLetter. Visitors who utilize the subscription service will be asked to provide personal information such as an email address for the purpose of fulfilling the subscription or making special offers to subscribers. This information is stored on TinyLetter servers and not at the Neat Hobby! website.

Neat Hobby! does not sell, rent or share subscriber information with outside parties for marketing purposes.

Subscribers can unsubscribe at any time. To learn more about the service, visit the TinyLetter website.

About Cookies

The Neat Hobby! website uses browser cookies. Here’s how:

  • Google Analytics uses cookies to record information on how visitors use this website.
    You can learn more about these cookies here.

The Neat Hobby! website does not use third party display advertising and does not use cookies to serve ads.

To learn more about how to manage cookies, visit http://www.allaboutcookies.org/.

Links To Other Websites

The Neat Hobby! website may contain links to other websites. This policy does not extend to these websites and Neat Hobby! is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these websites.

Changes To This Policy

This privacy policy may be revised at any time, for any reason. When such changes occur, this page will be updated to reflect those changes, and will include the date of the most recent update.


Send questions about this Privacy Policy to neathobby@gmail.com