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Doing the work

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Oh look I have gone and started a thing, a webcomic, how original. Not sure what's going to happen next, but like most new things, it'll probably suck awhile before it gets good. Shhh.

There are a few different ways to follow along. There's a good old-fashioned RSS feed you can subscribe to if you use a feed reader, or you can watch for updates on Twitter here. There's also a Tumblr mirror if you're a Tumblr-er who prefers Tumblr-ing.

This inaugural post isn't a particularly funny gag, but it's something I wrestle with daily and to be honest I got a little weepy drawing it. I can't promise any of these will be funny, insightful or "good." I can only say that I'll keeping trying and keep coming back. That's really all the Muse requires of us.

So. Let's give it a go.

Ten minutes. See what happens.

Welcome to Neat Hobby. I'm your host, Scott Andrew.

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